Cessna 210 Centurion Series 1970 thru 1976 Service Manual D2004-13


Cessna Model 210 Series
Service Manual (1970 thru 1976)


Cover year: 1972 with revision to 1975
has 646 pages


The Cessna Model 210 Series aircraft, described in this manual, are single-engine, high-wing monoplanes of all-metal, seminomocoque construction. Wings are full cantilever, with a sealed section which forms an integral fuel bay area in each wing. The fully-retractable tricycle landing gear consists of tubular spring-steel main gear struts and a steerable nose gear with an air/hydraulic fluid shock strut. Six-place seating is standard, horizontally opposed, air-colled, fuel injection Continental engine, driving an all-metal, constant-speed propeller. The Model T210 engine is turbocharged.

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