Continental Operators Manual GTSIO-520-L


GTSIO-520-L Manual 2011 X30532

Publication X30532
Cover Date: March 1980
Revision : AUGUST 2011

The operating instructions outlined in this manual have been from comprehensive evaluation of the engine performance in relation to its istallation in a aircraft. Recommendations, cautions and warnings regarding operation of this engine are not intended to impose undue restrictions on operation of the aircraft, but are inserted to enable the pilot to obtain maximum performance from the engine commensurate with safety and efficiency. Abuse, misuse, or neglect of any piece of equipment can cause eventual failure. In the case of an aircraft engine it should be obvious that a failure may have disastrous consequences. Failure to observe the instructions contained in this manual constitites unauthorized operation in areas unexpolored during developmnet of the engine, or in areas in which experience has proved to be undesirable or detrimental.

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