Installation Manual for ROTAX 912 S Aircraft Engine


ROTAX 912 S Aircraft Engine

Although the mere reading of these instructions will not eliminate a hazard, the understanding
and application of the information herein will promote the proper installation and use of the

The information and components-/system descriptions contained in this Installation Manual
are correct at the time of publication. ROTAX®, however, maintains a policy of continuous
improvement of its products without imposing upon itself any obligation to install them on its
products previously manufactured.

ROTAX® reserves the right at any time to discontinue or change specifications, designs,
features, models or equipment without incurring obligation.
The fig.s in this Installation Manual show the typical construction. They may not represent in
full detail or the exact shape of the parts which have the same or similar function.
Specifications are given in the SI (-metric) system with the USA equivalent in parenthesis.
Where precise accuracy is not required, some conversions are rounded off for easier use.

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