Maintenance Repair and Alteration of Certificated Aircraft, Aircraft Engines, Propellers, and Instruments





This manuals contains material interpreting and explaining the maintenance, repair and alteration requirements specified in the Civil Air Regulations, Part 18.

It should be understood that any method or technique which can be shown to be the equivalent of one set forth in this manual may be acceptable to the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics. Any procedure or method shown to be inapplicable to a particular case many be suitably modified on request. In any event

The acceptance of any equivalent or the modification of any procedure will become effective as of the date of approval rather that the date of its incorporation in this manual. This manual will be revised from time to time as equally acceptable methods or the need for additional explanations are brought to the attention of the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics.

Each section of this manual is arranged and numbered to correspond with the section in the Civil Air Regulations. Part 18. pertaining to the same subject, and the pertinent section of the Civil Air Regulations is quoted ahead of the interpretative material.

On the reverse side of this page will be found a form for convenience in maintaining a record of subsequent revisions. The appendixes to this manual contain general data and information. This information should prove to be particularly helpful to the less experienced agencies.

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