Bendix King ADI Flight Instrument Installation & User Guide


ADI Flight Instrument
Installation & User Guide
Part # 8300-016 Rev B


The artificial horizon, when needed is without a doubt, the most important instrument in the panel. For this reason, the display must be easy to fly and the instrument very reliable. To achieve this, the ADI combines modern solid-state technology with an easy-to-see uncluttered mechanical display. The basic instrument flight panel, it is intended for installation between an airspeed indicator and an altimeter. It is also well suited as the conventional backup in panels incorporating one of the large glass displays.

The ADI is easy to fly partly because it contains in one instrument, roll, pitch, and direction. Beyond this, it is the content of each of these displays that make this instrument easy to fly.

The direction display is located in the center of the instrument just below the rotating horizon mask. As is often the case with an inexperienced pilot caught in IMC, the instrument may be viewed with tunnel vision. For this reason, it is good to have the direction in the center of the tunnel. Of more importance is that this display is tracked instead of magnetic heading in that the modern way to navigate is to fly track. When the track is presented as a gyro display, the numbers move sequentially one degree at a time. Experience is showing that direction control with this digital DG placed immediately below the horizon mask is as easy to fly as the conventional vertical card DG in combination with the conventional horizon placed nearby.

ADI Flight Instrument Installation & User Guide

Type: Installation Manual

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